Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comfort food of the day...

Domestic Goddess - Sweet Potato Risotto

Sweet potato risotto...

Made from stuff I already had on hand...

You KNOW you're foodie if you have all the ingredients for vegetarian sweet potato and scallion risotto just hanging out waiting for you to THINK of making it...  And you actually DO!


(Photo is not mine... I'm too busy eating!!)


  1. Sweet potatoes are ALWAYS on hand! Wanna try something adventurous?
    Cube some sweet potatoes, smallish
    throw them in a pan with butter or olive oil, ( your choice) cook them till brown and tender.
    ad cream cheese and hot salsa and wrap them up in a tortilla...
    a favorite ...~laughing~

  2. @☼Illuminary☼ Mmmmmmmm! I roast sweet potatoes in salt, pepper and olive oil before adding them to my risotto. Very delicate timing on that... Have to be very careful they aren't done too soon... Think of the logistics... Pan of freshly roasted sweet potatoes cooling on the stove... Me standing at the stove... Next to the potatoes... It only takes one hand to stir you know...

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