Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dance Dance Dance!!!

  Funny how something brand-new can take over your imagination, your thinking, your life...

As brand-new empty-nesters, my husband and I have taken up ballroom dancing.  And when I say taken up I mean jumped-in-with-both-feet-total-immersion.  We have adjusted our schedules, our free time, even our thinking about vacations and where we want to live because of it.  It's given us something to do together, something to BE together.  And we have a social life outside of kids & work for the first time since we've been married, and for me, maybe the first time ever.

To start something totally new at this stage in my life is totally in-line with my goals and who I think I am as a person.  At the same time, regret at having not started sooner, at having wasted a more physically capable time, nags at the edges with it's 'what were you thinking?' evilness...

I have to keep reminding myself that even if I had started this 20 years ago, I'd still be here... Still be wanting to learn something new... If I want to spend my entire life learning, there will always be something I wish I'd learned sooner...  And always something there to be learned later...

And there are worse things to regret...


  1. How does that work?
    do you convince yourself?
    or do you just let it slide to the corners?
    it sounds like fun..

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  3. Dance your feet off and when you don't think you can rumba anymore just remember, you can tango when you're 80! I see it all the time! :)

    PS. I think it's so cool that you and your honeymine can share this together. <3

  4. Sorrow - It doesn't always work that well, but it's still true... No matter what I might have done along the way I'd still be here in this time... So might as well make the most of it and just let it slick off me like oil! And dancing, it is SO much fun!

    Anj - :) It's VERY cool...